Mitsuo Someya, President and Chief Executive Officer of Kikkoman Corporation

Alan Mader, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the CFA Institute, and Nitin Mehta, Managing Director of the CFA Institute for EMEA

Sven Alkalaj, Deputy Secretary-General of the UN

Rizal Affandi Lukman, Deputy Minister of International Economic and Financial Cooperation of the Republic of Indonesia

February-March 2014 | Global

Chinas Yuan: on the way to become second world currency

Diego N. Marcos, Professor of Macroeconomics of National University of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina in an interview to WEJ spoke about the internalizat...
February-March 2014 | Global

India in 2014: Elections and Economy

India, seriously weaken its economic position in 2013, is on the verge of national elections scheduled for this spring. Persis Khambatta, expert of the...
February-March 2014 | Companies and Markets

Europe Insures Depositors

A European banking union is finally becoming a reality. At the end of December 2013, the finance ministers of the 28 European Union member states agree...
February-March 2014 | Companies and Markets

Spain Grows on Sea and Sun

2013 marked another record year for Spanish tourism: The problems of other Mediterranean countries and the attractive consumer prices not only attracte...
February-March 2014 | Global

The Thai Canal: To Be or Not To Be

A canal through Thailand’s Kra Isthmus is a project that could change the economic and political map of Southeast Asia. At a time when the center...
February-March 2014 | Companies and Markets

Back to the CSSR

The Soviet planned economy still draws nervous laughter and a number of questions from those who follow the Chicago school of economics. Products comin...