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Secretary-General calls for UN 2.0 to tackle 21st century challenges



Secretary-General calls for UN 2.0 to tackle 21st century challenges

UN Photo/Cia Pak The Sustainable Development Goals projected onto UN Headquarters, in New York.

Amid multifaceted crises ranging from conflicts to climate, and poverty and inequality, the world looks to the UN “to help deliver the better, safer and greener world we need,” Mr. Guterres said.

“But we cannot solve 21st century problems with 20th century tools – we need a UN 2.0,” he stressed, in a message opening the UN 2.0 week.

The transformation in skills and culture, encapsulated in the UN chief’s vision of a UN 2.0, is focused on fostering cutting-edge capabilities in data, digital solutions, innovation, foresight and behavioural science – to deliver stronger results and help countries accelerate efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Secretary-General’s vision is elaborated in a policy brief launched last September.

‘Forward-thinking culture’

In his message on Monday, Mr. Guterres also emphasized the need for a “forward-thinking culture” at the Organization, powered by rapid technological advances.

He added that this was particularly important given the fundamental changes proposed in Our Common Agenda, his vision for global cooperation and getting the SDGs back on track, as well as the Summit of the Future, which will be convened on 22-23 September in New York.

“We’re already seeing what is possible: From online resources for remote schools, to humanitarian aid based on real-time data, and technology that helps countries forecast and build resilience to disasters,” the UN chief said.

UN Data Forum: Fast-tracking solutions to reach the SDGs

“Ultimately, UN 2.0 will make us better partners for countries as they achieve results for their people.”

UN 2.0 Week High-Level Opening

What is UN 2.0

Also speaking at the opening, Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed explained that UN 2.0 is the Organization’s response to how “we will pivot and meet the world where it is at and where it needs to go”.

“Thinking about what that means for investing in our staff, but also attending to many of the ‘quintet of change’ issues,” she added, noting the five topics – data, digital solutions, innovation, foresight and behavioural science.

She expressed hope that the transformations will make the UN more fit for purpose.

“That we can actually get out there and raise the ambitions, and be more responsive for the needs,” she added.

UN 2.0 Week

Taking place from 22 to 26 April, UN 2.0 Week showcases a series of virtual events including panel discussions and best practice sharing dialogues. Over 40 speakers from across the UN system and partner organizations are slated to speak.

Click here to find out more about and sign up for the UN 2.0 Week events.


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