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Humanitarians launch $877 million plan for Burkina Faso


Humanitarians launch $877 million plan for Burkina Faso

© WFP/Cheick Omar Bandaogo Food aid is distributed to people in southwestern Burkina Faso (file).

The funding will support some 3.1 million people, as the West African country continues to face the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. 

Armed group activity, and military operations, have led to widespread displacement, with nearly two million citizens uprooted. 

Human rights abuses and violations, and political instability – including two coup d’états last year – have also fuelled the growing needs and vulnerabilities, which have increased since last year. 

A worrying situation 

“The humanitarian situation in Burkina Faso in 2023 is more worrying than ever,” said Abdouraouf Gnon-Kondé, the top UN aid official in the country, recalling that half of those in need are children. 

“In line with humanitarian principles, our sole objective is to provide assistance to vulnerable civilians based on their needs, wherever they are,” he added. 

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The 2023 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP 2023) prioritizes interventions in 127 communes in the country, particularly in hard-to-reach areas.   

Needs are mounting 

It complements a national response plan, marking a first for the Government, with ongoing coordination between the humanitarian community and the authorities to ensure effective and efficient aid delivery. 

Last year, humanitarians received $338.5 million in funding.  They assisted more than 2.2 million people, despite challenges liked to access and financial constraints. 

However, they warned that needs have increased both in terms of severity and geographic scope. 

Humanitarians launch $877 million plan for Burkina Faso

OCHA Burkina Faso Humanitarian Response Plan 2023 At-A-Glance.

Humanitarians launch $877 million plan for Burkina Faso

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