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The main topics of the July issue of the World Economic Journal:

Social, political and economic problems of Europe: a threat to integration.


News from the world of business, economics, science, and politics

Calendar of upcoming business and political and economic events in the world

WOC-Research: what development banks are investing in

History of the EU, Schengen, plans, and problems of replenishment. EU foreign policy: will there be progress? Post-crisis fever in Europe. Eurozone: prospects for collapse. Social and intercultural problems and their impact on the unity of Europe

Jean de Gliniasty, Ambassador of the French Republic to the Russian Federation, and Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank on the situation in the EU

In many countries, revenues from oil and gas exports have become the “locomotive” of industrialization and socio-economic development. The oil and gas dollars invested in the economy changed the commodity structure of their exports, increasing the share of industrial products with a high degree of processing.


Features of the Russian alcohol market

One of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative design solutions for bathrooms, Ideal Standard International plans to win first place in the Russian market in the near future. Tim Lamb, General Manager of Ideal Standard International in Russia and the CIS, told WEJ readers how exactly the Belgians will conquer the Russian market, and how Russia won his heart.


On one of the most picturesque waterfronts in Australia – Darling Harbor – in Sydney from July 28 to August 1, the largest international exhibition Sydney International Boat Show will take place. The most coveted masterpieces of Australian and world shipbuilding will be moored these days in Cockle Bay, a marina specially built for the event. A visit to the Sydney International Boat Show promises not only bargains but also bright sea adventures.

Interview “without a tie” with Emelyan Zakharov, co-owner of the Triumph Gallery


A yacht is not only a water mode of transport but also a showcase of the wealth and ambitions of its owner, as well as the best venue for social events in the summer season. To shine at the most anticipated parties of this summer, you cannot do without a whole arsenal of knowledge. Arm yourself with the right fashion novelties of the season, the calendar of the most significant boat shows on the planet, and do not forget to study photo reports from the best parties on the water of the 20th century.

A car and a watch are attributes that reflect not only the wealth and taste of a real man but also his character and temperament. Watches for car enthusiasts can tell a lot about how their owner knows how to appreciate comfort, design, time, and speed. On these pillars, collections are created for motorsport enthusiasts and everyone who cannot imagine their life without a road. Not surprisingly, leading watch brands are closely monitoring the situation on the road. And WEj is watching them.


A convertible is not just a car, it is a dream, an indispensable attribute of a fairy tale about a beautiful life, which you must enter by all means in a convertible and nothing else. At the height of the summer season, it’s time to choose a car to your liking – one in which nothing will separate you from the night starry sky.

Restaurants with the best summer terraces in Moscow