August 2014 | Companies and Markets
Canadian oil ambitions
Ever since the shale gas revolution in the US that has received its recognition in the second half of 2000s, the majority of global energy experts have spoken of the gigantic changes to the market that the US will bring in the near future. Although the US LNG has not ye...

August 2014 | Global
Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC UN is granted to World Organization of Creditors
Economic and Social Council at its Coordination and management meeting in New-York, USA adopted the recommendation of the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to grant special consultative status with ECOSOC UN to Non-Commercial Partnership on Joining of C...

June-July 2014 | Global

June-July 2014 | Global
World Organization of Creditors New Edition
The new book “Russia and the World on the Way to Sustainable Economic Growth” was released recently by the World Organization of Creditors. This work was prepared on the basis of WOC analytical studies, published in the World Economic Journal in 2013-2014 ye...

June-July 2014 | Companies and Markets
From Europe to Asia: Russias energy future
On the future of EU-Russia energy relations WEJ spoke with Jack D. Sharples, expert on the EU-Russia energy relations and a lecturer at the European University at Saint-Petersburg.

June-July 2014 | Statistics
BRICS Maintain Interest
By the end of 2013, the BRICS countries received more than 20% of total FDI globally; twice as much as in pre-crisis years. This group of countries has thus shown that they are still of interest to investors and are cooperating to develop investment activity. $322 billi...

June-July 2014 | Statistics
Women′s Issues
Not so long ago, the world said goodbye to the great Colombian writer and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel García Márquez. The internationally renowned representative of "magic realism" once said: "If a woman is involved in something, I know...

June-July 2014 | Global
Poles of Attraction
Russia’s and China’s gas agreement has already been called “the top three-decade deal.” Its scale is quite impressive – in the next six years, the Chinese will be investing $55 billion in Russia’s mining and gas transportation system....

June-July 2014 | Companies and Markets
A Trap on the Island of Freedom
In November 2011, the Cuban government legalized the real estate business in addition to passing other economic reforms. From this point in time, residential property ceased to be a "dead asset" – which previously could only be legally passed on to heirs – a...

June-July 2014 | Global
The Ghost of Chávez Haunts Maduro
After a brief truce on the streets of Caracas and other large cities, Venezuela is once again facing clashes between supporters and opponents of Venezuela’s current president, Nicolás Maduro. Opponents of the current government continue to construct barrica...

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