April-May 2014 | Global
New Challenges for the BRICS
Twelve years have passed since Jim O’Neill, former head analyst for Goldman Sachs, suggested to the business community that several large and fast-growing economies be grouped together to make investment decisions much easier. Since that time, China, India, Russia...

April-May 2014 | Global
The World Just Got Kinder
Despite the slowdown in the world economy, the total amount of giving to charity has continued to increase, according to the British organization Charities Aid Formation. The World Giving Index 2013 reveals another curious result: It is the developing countries that are...

February-March 2014 | Companies and Markets
Spain Grows on Sea and Sun
2013 marked another record year for Spanish tourism: The problems of other Mediterranean countries and the attractive consumer prices not only attracted 5.6% more tourists than the previous year, but raised a number of vital questions for the sector.

February-March 2014 | Companies and Markets
Back to the CSSR
The Soviet planned economy still draws nervous laughter and a number of questions from those who follow the Chicago school of economics. Products coming off the assembly line often had nothing in common with what consumers wanted. Mounds of identical fake-leather sandal...

February-March 2014 | Global
The Thai Canal: To Be or Not To Be
A canal through Thailand’s Kra Isthmus is a project that could change the economic and political map of Southeast Asia. At a time when the center of global trade and to some extent politics is smoothly transitioning from the West to the East, it is difficult to ov...

February-March 2014 | Companies and Markets
Europe Insures Depositors
A European banking union is finally becoming a reality. At the end of December 2013, the finance ministers of the 28 European Union member states agreed on a Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM), consisting of a Single Resolution Board under the management of the European ...

February-March 2014 | Global
Chinas Yuan: on the way to become second world currency
Diego N. Marcos, Professor of Macroeconomics of National University of Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina in an interview to WEJ spoke about the internalization of Yuan (RMB), the effect it will cause on global economy and the conditions China has to keep it mind in order to ...

February-March 2014 | Global
India in 2014: Elections and Economy
India, seriously weaken its economic position in 2013, is on the verge of national elections scheduled for this spring. Persis Khambatta, expert of the Center for Strategic and International Studies spoke about the political struggle and what economic challenges and opp...

December - January 2014 | Global
Eurasian economic integration is a project that has some prospect of success
Professor Julian Cooper, expert of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, in an interview to WEJ, spoke about the prospects of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the potential for its expansion and the risks to Eurasian Customs Union stable deve...

December - January 2014 | Investments
The New Silk Road: Grand Ambitions of the Middle Kingdom
During the fall of 2013, the People’s Republic of China announced a massive economic project called “The New Silk Road.” Beijing has given formal recognition to a trend dating back to the 1990s to include Central Asian countries in the orbit of the Chi...

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