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November 2013 | Life-Style
Orient Express Passes Under the Bosphorus
Timed to coincide with Republic Day on October 29, Turkey launched a massive transportation project: the opening of a railway tunnel underneath the Bosphorus Strait that has taken almost 10 years to construct. Marmaray (from the word Marmara, or the Sea of Marmara, and ...

February 2013 | Life-Style
A Tsarist Abode
This year, the five-star Taleon Imperial Hotel, the only luxury hotel of its class in Russia, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World and Virtuoso associations, is unveiling new luxury rooms. The room design and interiors will be consistent with the overall style of...

February 2013 | Life-Style
Tailor-Made Supercars
The Mazzanti Evantra supercar appeared, so to speak, out of thin air. The tiny Italian automaker rarely indulges the public with novelties, but just when you forget about them, another supercar is premiered. The Mazzanti Evantra, however, is a distinctive and cool car t...

January 2013 | Life-Style
Time to Break Out the Skis
European winters have a number of undeniable advantages. For example, the mild climate, numerous ski resorts, and the possibility to choose a vacation spot for every taste and budget. Last week the European Consumer Center found that this year, the cheapest places to va...

January 2013 | Life-Style
Playing with Cars
It’s easy to understand enthusiasts who, despite the difficulties, continue making the legendary AC Cobra. Or those who recreate Doc’s car from Back to the Future, or those who make replicas of the famous gull-winged Mercedes. It isn’t painful to drop ...

December 2012 | Life-Style
A Little One for the Gentlemen
The release of the small Evoque crossover doesn’t mean that Land Rover isn’t staying true to its roots. Just take a look at the new Range Rover. The British have achieved a truly unique fusion of history and hi-tech.

Cézannes Rosé Period
November 2012 | Life-Style
The novice traveler usually associates Provence in southern France with fields of lavender, olive groves, and the sea. But many experts say that it is here that the best rosé wines in the world are made.

The Parisian Premiere
November 2012 | Life-Style
The autumn Paris Motor Show turned out to be an ordeal. Workers broke into a dealership with demands to keep factories open; Greenpeace activists tried to ruin the Volkswagen event… But enough bad news. The main thing real cowboys are concerned with is that inter...

Fine Point
October 2012 | Life-Style
A new hotel recently opened in Istanbul, but it has not helped the tourist business in the city in any way. The hotel has been purposely designed for business people, not for tourists looking to have a good time.

An Expanding Wine List
October 2012 | Life-Style
The borders of wine-making regions have expanded considerably, and companies that have invested money in the wine business are taking a much closer look at little-known regions, which received little attention before. Some experts say that global warming is responsible ...