WEJ Promotion

September 2012

A large-scale three-month promo campaign was launched for World Economic Journal in the USA. Hudson News, an American distributor of print media, displayed advertising posters for the journal on their trucks, which deliver print publications to specialty stores in New York and New Jersey.

Hudson News distributes printed copies of World Economic Journal in the United States; this is the world’s largest network of stores that sell periodicals in airports, transportation hubs, subway stations, and railway stations in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

March 2012

In entering the U.S. market, World Economic Journal waged an advertising campaign to support the sale of printed copies in New York. Shops selling periodicals on the streets of Manhattan attracted visitors’ attention to the World Economic Journal posters.

Summer 2011

An advertising clip by World Economic Journal was shown on more than 200 plasma screens in deluxe and premium category restaurants and private aviation terminals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and a number of European and Asian cities.