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November 2013 | Rating
New Global Business Leaders
The world is changing before our very eyes. Even 15 years ago, it was reasonable to use the word “unipolarity” to talk about the power balance in politics and economics. Benchmarks for success in business were also set by Western companies. The structure of ...

October 2013 | Rating
Rating the Most Attractive Countries for Investment and Countries Investing the Most
The global economic recovery is taking longer than expected. Economic instability and political uncertainty in various regions around the globe have led to economic indicators that have been slow to return to pre-crisis levels and the positive trends that emerged over t...

October 2013 | Rating
Innovation: A New Generation of Leaders Steps onto the Stage
It’s no secret that innovation is the key to successful economic development that allows for the standard of living to improve along with the attractiveness of a country for investors. That’s why developing new technologies is a priority for governments in a...

September 2013 | Rating
When the State Failed
The American Fund for Peace publishes its Failed States Index every year, which reflects the political and economic risks threatening the integrity of countries and the ability of their governments to resist such risks. Throughout the eight-year history of this rating, ...

September 2013 | Rating
A Happy Continent
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has calculated the country where the happiest people live. Of the 36 countries participating in the research, Australia was the leader. The country-continent has been leading the Better Life Index for its ...

March 2013 | Rating
Presidential Ratings
Some world leaders, even during crises that negatively impact the people’s love for them, retain the confidence of citizens to a considerable degree. If investment flows into the country also grow and the GDP is trending up, such a leader could be deemed successfu...

Our Policy is Clear to Our Investors
May 2012 | Rating
Out of all the Russian regions, Kaluga is the leader when it comes to attracting investments. Its stunning success in this area is proof that, although it may be difficult, creating an attractive investment climate in Russia is possible. The governor of the Kaluga regio...

Climate Control
May 2012 | Rating
Where does business develop in Russia? WEJ created a list of the top-ranking regions throughout Russia where over the last two years, small and medium businesses have developed particularly actively.