December - January 2014 | Companies and Markets
The Russian Economy in Crisis
Most people perceive that Russia’s financial position is quite stable. The country’s currency reserves are around $500 billion, which is almost three times the public debt. But considering the slowing rates of economic growth, the high dependency on oil and ...

December - January 2014 | Global
What the New Year Has in Store for Us
The beginning of the year is the traditional time to make predictions. WEJ interviewed leading experts in the fields of international relations and world economics in order to find out which trends, prospects, and challenges can be expected to surface in 2014.

December - January 2014 | Statistics
Reshuffling Nigerias Position
Analysts at World Economic Journal have taken the advice of Goldman Sachs’s Jim O’Neill in replacing Korea with Nigeria in the new grouping of developing economies. They have also evaluated the most important macroeconomic performance indicators of these cou...

December - January 2014 | Companies and Markets
The Mexican Miracle
For a long time, Mexico was to North America as China was at the end of the 20th century, with its cheap labor, high workforce productivity, and low quality. But government stakes in developing high-tech industries, Mexico’s unprecedented openness to international...

December - January 2014 | People
We Have Learned to Pay Attention to Innovations in Everyday Life
Though some may find it strange, the word “innovation” evokes skepticism in many Russians. It is assumed that innovative technology requires huge financial investments, with unpredictable outcomes and questionable utility and efficiency.

December - January 2014 | Companies and Markets
Eurasian Customs Union Get the Green Light
Created in 2011, today the Eurasian Customs Union (ECU) is the largest economic platform in the former Soviet Union. Made up of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, the ECU is a common customs territory with total annual external trade of $939.3 billion and internal trade o...

December - January 2014 | Global
Big Mac Economy
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when one sees the words Big Mac Index? An index of annual burger consumption? An index of the prevalence of fast food establishments in different countries? Who could have thought that the Big Mac Index is directly related...

December - January 2014 | Global
21st-Century Slaves
To those living in developed countries, slavery seems a thing of the past, even if it was still around in the century before last. But the fact is that about 30 million people worldwide live in modern slavery, with nearly half of them (14 million) in India. Putting emot...

December - January 2014 | Global
Is the MIST a New BRIC?
After 12 years, the group of countries known as the BRIC remains one of the main drivers of growth in the developing sector. The pace has slowed somewhat in recent years though, and experts are pointing to a new group of potential leaders, known as the MIST. Are Mexico,...

December - January 2014 | Global
Germany Accused of Success
Angela Merkel, after a resounding victory in the elections, presented the new German government in December. The country is hitting record exports, but has incurred the criticism of the EU in Brussels, which blames Germany for the imbalance in the European economy.

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