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August 2014 | Companies and Markets
Rising Stars on the Global Real Estate Market
Real estate is playing an increasingly important role in global investments, and wealthy people are looking for new alternative areas for investing their capital. Internationally important cities remain the most popular and safest places for purchasing real estate asset...

August 2014 | Companies and Markets
Canadian oil ambitions
Ever since the shale gas revolution in the US that has received its recognition in the second half of 2000s, the majority of global energy experts have spoken of the gigantic changes to the market that the US will bring in the near future. Although the US LNG has not ye...

June-July 2014 | Companies and Markets
From Europe to Asia: Russias energy future
On the future of EU-Russia energy relations WEJ spoke with Jack D. Sharples, expert on the EU-Russia energy relations and a lecturer at the European University at Saint-Petersburg.

June-July 2014 | Companies and Markets
A Trap on the Island of Freedom
In November 2011, the Cuban government legalized the real estate business in addition to passing other economic reforms. From this point in time, residential property ceased to be a "dead asset" – which previously could only be legally passed on to heirs – a...

June-July 2014 | Companies and Markets
India and China ake the Northern Route
To this day, the Arctic remains the most pristine, untouched piece of the Earth where there are a vast number of natural resources, oil and gas among them. Those claiming a piece of the “Arctic pie” have already accumulated quite a large portion and don&rsqu...;

June-July 2014 | Companies and Markets
Blessed with Oil
Until recently, East Africa was considered a poor region compared to West Africa, in terms of traditional energy sources. But new oil and gas fields in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique have turned the East African region into an area of interest for global oil an...

February-March 2014 | Companies and Markets
Spain Grows on Sea and Sun
2013 marked another record year for Spanish tourism: The problems of other Mediterranean countries and the attractive consumer prices not only attracted 5.6% more tourists than the previous year, but raised a number of vital questions for the sector.

February-March 2014 | Companies and Markets
Back to the CSSR
The Soviet planned economy still draws nervous laughter and a number of questions from those who follow the Chicago school of economics. Products coming off the assembly line often had nothing in common with what consumers wanted. Mounds of identical fake-leather sandal...

February-March 2014 | Companies and Markets
Europe Insures Depositors
A European banking union is finally becoming a reality. At the end of December 2013, the finance ministers of the 28 European Union member states agreed on a Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM), consisting of a Single Resolution Board under the management of the European ...

December - January 2014 | Companies and Markets
The Russian Economy in Crisis
Most people perceive that Russia’s financial position is quite stable. The country’s currency reserves are around $500 billion, which is almost three times the public debt. But considering the slowing rates of economic growth, the high dependency on oil and ...