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December - January 2014 | People
We Have Learned to Pay Attention to Innovations in Everyday Life
Though some may find it strange, the word “innovation” evokes skepticism in many Russians. It is assumed that innovative technology requires huge financial investments, with unpredictable outcomes and questionable utility and efficiency.

September 2013 | People
Has the time come for a new global currency?
Professor Robert Mundell, Nobel Prize winner in economics and the person known as the “father” of the euro, visits the Chief Editor of World Economic Journal.

July - August 2013 | People
Are tax havens harmful to the global economy?
The Chief Editor of World Economic Journal Robert Abdullin visits Professor Robert John Aumann. Aumann is a Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics for his game-theory analysis of conflict and cooperation.

March 2013 | People
Richard Branson: I have turned quite a lot of industries on their head
Life is an exciting thing and difficult times provide great opportunities for business development. One of the most daring businessmen in the world and founder of the Virgin Group, the British Richard Branson talked with the WEJ about helping start-up companies and spac...

January 2013 | People
Sometimes They Come Back Not Again
Immediately after Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti announced that he would resign after parliament approved the national budget for 2013, 76-year old Silvio Berlusconi hinted that he wouldn’t mind running for the post of prime minister for the sixth time. This s...

December 2012 | People
A Pilot Has Lived, Therefore the Pilot is Right
Leonid Tyukhtyaev, the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Sudostroitelny Bank (SB Bank), is not only one of the most successful Russian aeronauts. He also, along with his wife, wrote a cult children’s book, and just finished a book of poetry about airplanes.

"Yachtsmen find it hard to team up against"
November 2012 | People
Valentin Zavadnikov is the Vice President of the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management, a former Board member of RAO UES of Russia, Senator of the Federation Council from the Saratov Region, Chairman of the Federal Council Committee on Industrial Policy, and the first De...

After first trip, we decided to start business with a different hobby
September 2012 | People
Dmitry ARKHIPOV, who is the head of a leading game software company in Russia founded in 1993, discusses his love of hiking, his opinions on creative photography, and how journeys help reveal a person’s true colors.

Moscow Time
September 2012 | People
To successfully do business in Russia, foreign companies need to take a number of local peculiarities into account. Neil Withers, the Vice President of Promsvyazbank and the Vice President of CFA in Russia, talked to the WEJ about the fabulous Moscow subway and the valu...

Croatia is the Ultimate Tourist Destination
July - August 2012 | People
Mladen Falconi, the Director of the Moscow Department in the Republic of Croatia’s National Tourist Office, spoke with the World Economic Journal regarding the beauty of the sea, the kindness of the Slavic people, and faith in God. Falconi also discussed the intri...