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The Main Topics of the August Issue of the World Economic Journal:


Cover Story
The Abduction of Europe

Russia is trying to lead the bloc of developing economies, and the goal of the U.S. is to subjugate Europe economically and politically.

Cover Story
An Economic NATO

The TTIP will annually bring $122 bln to the U.S. economy and $150 bln to the EU.

Investments and Macroeconomics
China Enters the Market

In the second quarter of this year, China′s economic growth rate was 7.5%, which is a rather low figure for China.

South Stream Swims Against the Current

WEJ tried to find out how the South Stream project impacts Europe, and the reason why certain European leaders wish that it would fail.

The Continent
Why Rush To Join Europe?

WEJ talked to European and Russian experts to find out how they view the Association Agreements with three post-Soviet states: Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia.

Banking and Finance
New Development Bank: a case of joy or of concern

WEJ has invited renowned experts to explain the meaning of the BRICS New Development Bank announcement.

International Relations
The New Capital of Terrorism

Today jihadists are tearing the country apart, having taken several major cities in the north, including the second largest one, Mosul.

The Cost of Corruption

Research conducted by the World Economic Forum shows that 67 of 144 states have named corruption as one of the three major obstacles to doing business in their countries.

Industry and Resources
Canadian oil ambitions

In the midst of the US energy breakthrough, small attention is given to what we believe might be yet another “game changer”.

Global Real Estate
Rising Stars on the Global Real Estate Market

Real estate is playing an increasingly important role in global investments, and wealthy people are looking for new alternative areas for investing their capital.