Articles / Rubric: Statistics

August 2014 | Statistics
The Cost of Corruption
Corruption everywhere inhibits economic growth and hinders the development of the private sector. Research conducted by the World Economic Forum (WEF) shows that 67 of 144 states have named corruption as one of the three major obstacles to doing business in their countr...

June-July 2014 | Statistics
BRICS Maintain Interest
By the end of 2013, the BRICS countries received more than 20% of total FDI globally; twice as much as in pre-crisis years. This group of countries has thus shown that they are still of interest to investors and are cooperating to develop investment activity. $322 billi...

June-July 2014 | Statistics
Women′s Issues
Not so long ago, the world said goodbye to the great Colombian writer and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel García Márquez. The internationally renowned representative of "magic realism" once said: "If a woman is involved in something, I know...

December - January 2014 | Statistics
Reshuffling Nigerias Position
Analysts at World Economic Journal have taken the advice of Goldman Sachs’s Jim O’Neill in replacing Korea with Nigeria in the new grouping of developing economies. They have also evaluated the most important macroeconomic performance indicators of these cou...

November 2013 | Statistics
China Continues Its Offensive
By the end of 2012, developing countries had won the battle “for foreign investments” with developed countries, and the distribution ratio of global flows between these two groups is 52%/41.5%. More than 30% of global foreign direct investments are going to ...

September 2013 | Statistics
BRICS Will Extend Its Boundaries to Become BRICSIK
The association of the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa continues to strengthen its position in the world. Membership in the BRICS is becoming a priority for other countries with stable economic growth. The analytic service of the Wor...

September 2013 | Statistics
Money Isnt Rushing to Russia
Russian authorities are constantly declaring that attracting foreign investments into the regions is one of the main objectives of the government’s economic policy. But judging by the recently released published Russia’s official statistics agency, Rosstat, ...

July - August 2013 | Statistics
So Rich, So Poor
The gap between the world’s richest and the poorest countries is growing rapidly, and most poor countries have recently experienced a sharp increase in population. This is the conclusion reached by the World Organization of Creditors (WOC), by comparing the latest...

May 2013 | Statistics
Capitals of the Commonwealth are Under the Microscope
Moscow, Kiev, Astana, Almaty, Minsk and Baku – which of these cities is the most developed and suited for living? In anticipation of the IV Astana Economic Forum, the WOC analytic service compared the capitals using several criteria.

April 2013 | Statistics
The Debt Bubble Is About To Burst
The house of cards of the world economies continues to collapse. The problems of Greece and Cyprus are just the beginning of a global trend. Public debt may soon flatten everything in its path like a huge snowball.