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December - January 2014 | Companies and Markets
The Mexican Miracle
For a long time, Mexico was to North America as China was at the end of the 20th century, with its cheap labor, high workforce productivity, and low quality. But government stakes in developing high-tech industries, Mexico’s unprecedented openness to international...

December - January 2014 | Companies and Markets
Eurasian Customs Union Get the Green Light
Created in 2011, today the Eurasian Customs Union (ECU) is the largest economic platform in the former Soviet Union. Made up of Russia, Kazakhstan, and Belarus, the ECU is a common customs territory with total annual external trade of $939.3 billion and internal trade o...

December - January 2014 | Companies and Markets
Rental, German-Style
Most Germans live in rented apartments, and these days Germany is becoming one of the most popular destinations for foreign real estate investors. So why are Germans so keen on buying and not renting?

November 2013 | Companies and Markets
Czech Steel Is Afloat Once Again
Employees at the Pilsen Steel Mill are back to work, having stopped production in the middle of June. Half of the 900 plant’s employees are back at the machines again and the other half will resume within the next month. Full production is planned to start in late...

November 2013 | Companies and Markets
Revival of the American Automobile Dream
The lengthy U.S. economic recovery is accompanied by growth in economic indicators across the board, including in sales of motor vehicles, which have reached record levels. In order to keep pace with the increased demand, all assembly line facilities in the United State...

October 2013 | Companies and Markets
Foreigners Boost Spanish Real Estate
September began with good news for the Spanish economy: For the first time in recent years, Spain attracted enough foreign investment to start growing. Export volumes hit records, imports bottomed out, and foreigners are creating demand for everything, including in the ...

October 2013 | Companies and Markets
Escape From India
The year 2012 was marked by the opening of the Indian retail market to foreign investors. Given the Indian economy’s explosive growth, this event promised billions in profits to retailers. Yet with growth cooling in 2013 and the financial crisis intensifying, fore...

September 2013 | Companies and Markets
Czech Republic Wont Give Up Atomic Energy
Then-Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Petr Necas, in his speech at the 8th Annual European Nuclear Energy Forum on May 30, announced that the Republic plans to continue developing nuclear energy. “I think that nuclear energy can not only strengthen our country...

September 2013 | Companies and Markets
A Zone of Turbulence
In early May, Air France officially announced that its low-budget carrier has been put up for sale and that the airline is planning for big cuts over the next two years. World Economic Journal tried to figure out what is shaking Air France. The problems here began long ...

July - August 2013 | Companies and Markets
Chicagos Gloss
Chicago has always been more famous for its pizza that its elite housing. But the revival of skyscraper construction and the rise in real estate prices have given rise to the development of the luxury housing market in the Windy City. Developers have begun a battle for ...

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