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Cover Story
Poles of Attraction

We are witnessing the emergence of new global political-economic blocs.

Investments and macroeconomics 
U.S. Sets Its Sights on Asia

Over the past decade, the Asian-Pacific Region has shown impressive rates of economic growth and has had some success in reducing poverty.

The Ghost of Chávez Haunts Maduro

After a brief truce on the streets of Caracas and other large cities, Venezuela is once again facing clashes between supporters and opponents of Venezuela’s current president, Nicolás Maduro

BRICS Maintain Interest

By the end of 2013, the BRICS countries received more than 20% of total FDI globally; twice as much as in pre-crisis years.

Banking and Finance
Payment Independence

A law will take effect this summer that establishes a national payment system in Russia, which is supposed to become, in the near future, an alternative to Visa and MasterCard within the country.

Industry and Resources
From Europe to Asia: Russia’s energy future

On the future of EU-Russia energy relations WEJ spoke with Jack D. Sharples, expert on the EU-Russia energy relations and a lecturer at the European University at Saint-Petersburg.

Energy Sector
Blessed with Oil

Until recently, East Africa was considered a poor region compared to West Africa, in terms of traditional energy sources. But new oil and gas fields in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique have turned the East African region into an area of interest for global oil and gas giants.

India and China ake the Northern Route

To this day, the Arctic remains the most pristine, untouched piece of the Earth where there are a vast number of natural resources, oil and gas among them. As their economies grow, so do their energy needs, and Beijing and New Delhi are searching for a way to the heart of the Arctic.

Women′s Issues

Gabriel García Márquez once said: "If a woman is involved in something, I know that all will be well. It′s clear to me that women rule the world." Unfortunately, the writer′s words do not apply to all spheres of life, and when it comes to politics, many still believe that women have no place there. However, like any stereotype, time will put this attitude to the test.

Global Real Estate
Housing Sector
A Trap on the Island of Freedom

In November 2011, the Cuban government legalized the real estate business in addition to passing other economic reforms. From this point in time, residential property ceased to be a "dead asset" – which previously could only be legally passed on to heirs – and turned into a very liquid commodity.