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The Main Topics of the March Issue of the World Economic Journal:


Cover Story 
Wag the Dog

The question that comes up whenever new ratings are released is whether the global rating agencies do not actually reflect the economic situation, as much as they influence the international financial markets by what they themselves do. How fair is that statement?

Presidential Ratings

The World Economic Journal put together a mini-rating of successful Presidents in 2012. The leaders listed here are very different, but their popularity at home can’t be denied.

Labor Immigration in France: Foreigners, Au Revoir!

For more than half a century, France has been experiencing an influx of emigrants and migrants. Today, amid the euro crisis, another problem has surfaced: unemployment.

Yankees Are Going Home

Industrial companies that moved their production sites many years ago to countries with cheap labor are moving back home.

The Continent 
Captains of Estonian Economy in No Hurry

Estonia has lowered its growth forecasts for next year. A decline in exports is to blame, analysts say. Plans to catch up to pre-crisis levels are estimated to take two to three years.

Russia’s Long Road to the WTO

Russia had been negotiating accession to the World Trade Organization for almost 19 years, and after it finally happened, many of the barriers that states had erected against Russian goods were not removed.

Why France Went to Mali

It wasn’t possible not to send troops to Mali, where Islamists were close to taking over the entire country.

Great Hopes

The CIS’s economy is still far from being stable, and export volumes are still modest. But it is obvious that the Commonwealth will be stronger in the near future

Person of the Month 
Richard Branson: “I Have Turned Quite a Lot of Industries on Their Head”

One of the most daring businessmen in the world and founder of the Virgin Group talked with the WEJ about helping start-up companies and space exploration.

Gas Industry 
The Shale Revolution Has Come

The boom in U.S. gas production is beginning to bear fruit for the economy.

Anatoliy Kazakov: “The CIS Has a Rich Domestic Market”

Chairman of the Coordination Council for the CIS Economic Development Business Center, spoke with World Economic Journal about economic integration and innovation in the Commonwealth.

Car Industry 
How the French Car Industry Is Overcoming the Crisis

Renault radically changed its strategy in order to survive.

Recognizing the Chinese by Name

In the eyes of hundreds of millions of consumers, the “Made in China” stamp is still primarily associated with cheapness and low quality.