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January 2013 | Investments
How Long Will the Georgian Miracle Last?
In 2012, Georgia took 34th place out of 184 in the Index of Economic Freedom, losing one place from the previous year, while the October elections had foreign investors holding their breaths. Who is investing in Georgia’s economy and what is on Prime Minister Ivan...

December 2012 | Investments
Maria Sokolova: Spanish Immigration Law: The Most Favorable to Homeowners in Europe
Because of the Spanish crisis, some of its most active homebuyers are foreigners, with a substantial number of them being Eastern Europeans. Maria Sokolova, the head of the Russian-Spanish Agency, tells World Economic Journal the secret of Spain’s popularity.

Investors Readiness to Take Direct Action is Increasing
December 2012 | Investments
The active withdrawal of capital that Russia is currently experiencing is not an isolated situation. Recent months have shown that all over the world, investors are reducing the amount of risky assets in their portfolios. Joerg Bongartz, the CEO of Deutsche Bank in Russ...

Not All That Glitters is Gold
September 2012 | Investments
Traditionally, in periods of high economic risk, gold has always been considered a good investment tool. But despite the instability of the financial markets in recent months, the dynamics of the golden troy ounce are not as promising as they should be. Does this new tr...

Yan Yanovskiy: Investing in Human Capital is a Realistic Alternative to the Further Development of Russian Energy Resources
September 2012 | Investments
Russia’s economic performance, as well as the country’s prestige amongst the G-20, is continuing to grow. Yan Yanovskiy, a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Russia, Managing Partner of First Nation Societe Bancaire, discusse...

Breaking the Barrier
September 2012 | Investments
Last year, the volume of trade between the USA and Russia reached a historic level of $43 billion. Even with these astonishing figures, Russia still isn’t one of America’s top twenty trading partners – but according to experts, Russia’s accession...

It is Time For an Intervention on the Market
July - August 2012 | Investments
What steps can be taken to stimulate the Russian economy? Old equipment and expensive electricity can no longer help the country move towards a bright and competitive future – today, the key to success is modernizing production. And when it comes to changing marke...

Industrial Parks Gain New Significance
June 2012 | Investments
Russian industrial parks are becoming a significant component in the national drive for innovation. Their role in attracting foreign investors was discussed at the third International Investment Forum, “Invest Russia 2012: A New Impetus”, organized by the As...

Investors Ideas of Russia do not Always Correspond to Reality
June 2012 | Investments
When the global business community looks to Russia as a potential business opportunity, they mostly watch the behavior of local investors to get a better idea of the country’s investment climate. And when those investors show a reluctance to keep their money in th...

I Prefer Investing in New and Innovative Sectors
June 2012 | Investments
When it comes to bringing long-term, tangible benefits for investors, Russia is showing a large amount of great opportunities. So which industries will prove most attractive for investment? Kendrick WHITE, Head of Investment Consulting Company Marchmont Capital Partners...

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