World Economic Journal is an international analytical print, digital and online media about the economic and sustainable development of the territorial entities of the world and the role of governors, heads of top-level territorial entities, governor teams, and business leaders in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals


About the magazine


About us

World Economic Journal is an international monthly publication on trends in the world economy, the situation in emerging markets, investment opportunities and risks. It is currently published in two languages, English and Russian; soon there will be editions also in Chinese, German, French, and Spanish. The journal’s content is prepared by an international editorial staff with its headquarters in Moscow. WEJ correspondents work all around the world, just as our readers do.


Whose interests do we represent?

Primarily the interests of investors, both large companies and private businessmen, those who want the safest and most profitable way to invest in the new economy. We are convinced that the emerging markets offer the best investment opportunities: Brazil, India, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China. We adhere to the concept of a changing multipolar world; while giving the traditional economies of America and Europe their due, we also track and carefully analyze all the changes that are occurring there.

Who are our readers?

Our typical reader is associated in one way or another with investments, whether as an owner and top manager of an investment fund or large corporation, as an analyst, or as an employee of a government agency. Since the journal is distributed through applications for tablet computers, what we publish accompanies our readers wherever they go – whether at the office or on the road.

WEJ readers are constantly making decisions on the allocation of considerable resources, and our journal sees its task as providing them with the most complete information required to understand in which countries, on which projects, and on what terms they can make the most profitable investments.

How are we unique?

A team of analysts works at our journal that prepares ratings for our readers each month on a great variety of topics that are connected with the economy in one way or another. WEJ forecasts the dynamics of the global markets, and assesses opportunities and risks based on data both from public and private sources. We take account not only of numerical data, but also of social and political trends. We talk to the investors themselves, so that they can relate their experiences in both traditional and new markets. We try to debunk stereotypes created by partisan politics, and offer the reader the chance to draw his own conclusions based on objective information.

Once you have an electronic subscription to the World Economic Journal via AppStore, you will always be on top of the most important macroeconomic trends. Objective, up-to-date information and independent analysis from around the world are what distinguishes WEJ from run-of-the-mill business publications.