October 2013 | Global
Leaving Afghanistan Behind
With the 2014 withdrawal date for NATO troops out of Afghanistan approaching, the future of this country is becoming more unpredictable. Will Afghan security forces be able to ensure the stability of their own country? How will the Taliban react – will they enter ...

October 2013 | Rating
Innovation: A New Generation of Leaders Steps onto the Stage
It’s no secret that innovation is the key to successful economic development that allows for the standard of living to improve along with the attractiveness of a country for investors. That’s why developing new technologies is a priority for governments in a...

October 2013 | Global
An Economic Dimension to the Arab Spring
North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean still haven’t recovered from the effects of the Arab Spring, the “Islamic democracy project.” Neither GDP growth, nor oil production, nor income from tourism have yet returned to their pre-revolutionary figure...

October 2013 | Investments
A City of Angels
If you travel towards the mountains along the French Riviera, just north of the coast, among the villas, olive trees, and plants that flower year-round is the Sophia Antipolis Technopark, home to the Business Angels. They flew here from all over the world – people...

October 2013 | Companies and Markets
Escape From India
The year 2012 was marked by the opening of the Indian retail market to foreign investors. Given the Indian economy’s explosive growth, this event promised billions in profits to retailers. Yet with growth cooling in 2013 and the financial crisis intensifying, fore...

September 2013 | People
Has the time come for a new global currency?
Professor Robert Mundell, Nobel Prize winner in economics and the person known as the “father” of the euro, visits the Chief Editor of World Economic Journal.

September 2013 | Global
Neo-Industrialization and the Age of Innovation Shine in Emerging Markets
The recent economic slowdown has shifted markets globally. While developed markets are still passing through tortoise-like sluggish recovery, emerging markets are moving at a faster pace. The last few decades have witnessed rapid growth of the world economy driven by a ...

September 2013 | Global
Undervalued Turkey
After a deep freeze in the negotiations over Turkey’s accession to the EU, which began back in 2005, the first signs of progress have appeared. However, the Turks seem tired from years of waiting and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is more and more often talki...

September 2013 | Statistics
BRICS Will Extend Its Boundaries to Become BRICSIK
The association of the emerging economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa continues to strengthen its position in the world. Membership in the BRICS is becoming a priority for other countries with stable economic growth. The analytic service of the Wor...

September 2013 | Statistics
Money Isnt Rushing to Russia
Russian authorities are constantly declaring that attracting foreign investments into the regions is one of the main objectives of the government’s economic policy. But judging by the recently released published Russia’s official statistics agency, Rosstat, ...

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