Russia Needs to Work on Image
June 2012 | Investments
Russia has achieved significant progress in attracting direct, foreign investments in recent years. Even in the height of the crisis, major foreign companies continued working and trading in the Russian market. Why does Russia have an advantage over other competing coun...

Moscow Calling
June 2012 | Investments
Foreign investments in Moscow real estate are steadily increasing, but their cumulative value still hasn’t reached pre-crisis levels. However, analysts now believe that, in the new post-election Russia, more foreign capital will be invested in the country.

Why Did Trading Negotiations Come to a Halt?
June 2012 | Global
Russia’s upcoming accession to the World Trade Organization is occurring at a time of deep internal crisis in the trade markets. The current round of multilateral WTO negotiations was launched back in 2001 in Doha, Qatar, and, according to initial plans, should ha...

I Try to Do a Little Bit of Everything
June 2012 | People
He built a successful business from scratch - creating the first private company that emerged from the ministry walls of the USSR -  is among Russia’s top 100 richest men (according to “Forbes Magazine”), and recently started focusing on investmen...

Crazy Money
June 2012 | Global
Investors should be on the lookout when assessing upcoming inflation risks in the BRICS countries. Officials in countries with rapidly growing economics are promising to slow the growth of consumer prices, for the first time in a long time, but their forecasts are most ...

The 10 Ingredients of a Real Brodet
May 2012 | Life-Style
Brodet is a traditional Croatian dish – it is a delicious soup, featuring a dozen varieties of local fish found in Croatia. Its homeland country is much like a soup as well. Croatia serves as a bridge between the East and the West, with 67 inhabited, and more than...

Russian Consumers are Very Demanding
May 2012 | People
The economic situation in Russia is looking up. The most active businesses will developing in the Russian regions soon enough, but before doing so, it is important to understand some local Russian customs and traditions. Arjan de Jonste, the CEO of Philips Russia, Ukrai...

Russian Shares Add Spice to the Portfolios of Foreign Investors
May 2012 | Investments
The volatility of some financial markets, while seemingly risky and dangerous, can sometimes thrill private investors. But after extensive losses throughout the crisis, investors now prefer to wait and keep what they accumulated instead of reinvesting. Isaac BECKER, a m...

Banks are Laying off Employees Once Again
May 2012 | Global
The offices in downtown New York are filled with employees of successful Internet companies nowadays, instead of financiers – just like in the crisis of 2008-2009, banks are cutting their staff.

Russias Accession to the World Trade Organization: a Win-Win Situation
May 2012 | Statistics
On March 29th, World Bank experts presented a report examining the status of the Russian economy throughout 2011 in Moscow. The report presented several perspectives of economic development, and after noting the impressive achievements of the Russian economy, the World ...

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