July - August 2013 | Companies and Markets
Rose-Colored Glasses Back in Style
The global economy and financial markets are once again receiving optimistic forecasts. Although the main problems that caused the crisis haven’t been solved, experts are looking at the future with a sigh of relief. At the same time, developed and developing count...

July - August 2013 | Companies and Markets
You Cant Pump Up a Flat Tire Until Youve Patched It First
Gleb Nikitin, Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, talked with World Economic Journal about the new state industrial policies, programs, and challenges the Ministry is facing.

July - August 2013 | Global
When the South Overtakes the North
It seems that the persistent association of "rich North – poor South” is no longer fitting. Recently analysts are more inclined to note a new trend – the strengthening of the southern countries, in terms of both economic criteria and political influenc...

July - August 2013 | Global
Stopping Armageddon
The current economic crisis is threatening mankind with a real catastrophe. The financial issues are just the tip of the iceberg; the bulk of the submerged piece is social problems, fraught with global armed conflicts. The probability of a negative scenario will remain ...

July - August 2013 | People
Are tax havens harmful to the global economy?
The Chief Editor of World Economic Journal Robert Abdullin visits Professor Robert John Aumann. Aumann is a Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics for his game-theory analysis of conflict and cooperation.

July - August 2013 | Global
Egypt: Revolution Isnt for Everyone
The 2011 revolution in Egypt led to the fall of the dictatorial regime of Hosni Mubarak, who had ruled the country for 30 years. But instead of the long-awaited freedom and democracy, Egyptians got a “New Mubarak,” who, unlike his predecessor, isn’t ab...

July - August 2013 | Global
Discussing the Future of the CIS at Yalta
Pavel Nefidov, the Director General of the Financial and Banking Council of the Commonwealth of Independent States, answered questions from World Economic Journal on the eve of the 4th International Investment Forum of CIS Member-States, “Yalta Business Meetings.&...

July - August 2013 | Global
Stability Is a Sign of Class
The U.S., Germany, and South Korea can boast the most stable companies in terms of business development. Maybe these countries will attract the most investment in the near future.

July - August 2013 | Global
Island of Liberty v 2.0
In a few years, a new generation of Cuban communists will come to power in one of the last outposts of socialism.

July - August 2013 | Statistics
So Rich, So Poor
The gap between the world’s richest and the poorest countries is growing rapidly, and most poor countries have recently experienced a sharp increase in population. This is the conclusion reached by the World Organization of Creditors (WOC), by comparing the latest...

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