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A Poisonous Business
November 2012 | Companies and Markets
On September 27, the Czech Republic weakened the ban on the sale of spirits that had been introduced on September 15 after a wave of methanol poisoning. The sale of beverages with a higher than 20% alcohol content produced before January 1, 2012 has been resumed and inc...

Europe at an Impasse
2012 | Companies and Markets
The automotive crisis has become a kind of litmus test that shows the structural problems of the Old World’s economy. The lingering recession is pushing companies to make radical transformations, but doing so under European conditions is a very long and costly pro...

Iron Mans Car
October 2012 | Companies and Markets
Today, electric automobile is a fashionable and expensive car for those who thinks about the environment and wants to differ from the others. How does the novelty Tesla Motors differ from its counterparts?

Japan is suffering defeat in the Asian telewar
October 2012 | Companies and Markets
Three Japanese giants, Sony, Panasonic and Sharp, are suffering considerable losses in the TV market, as they are unable to compete with Korean and Chinese manufacturers. Economic strategy of Korean manufactures investing in cheaper components production area proved to ...

Elephant Ride
October 2012 | Companies and Markets
The World Congress of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) was held in South Korea in the beginning of September- it is the largest organization with the observer status to the UN and it has been dealing with the treatment of the problems of con...

Small Change
October 2012 | Companies and Markets
The micro-crediting rates in Russia are among the highest in the world. However, despite of this, micro-financing is developing faster than some other sectors of financial market. So what is the peculiarity of the loans Russian-way?

Answering for Corporate Bonuses
October 2012 | Companies and Markets
The managers of public Russian companies get undeservingly too much and their income is growing faster than that of their American colleagues. The business community openly complains about wages and bonuses of top managers and proposes that high-paid CEOs reduce their a...

Thank You for Smoking
October 2012 | Companies and Markets
Tobacco companies do not expect any growth in the established markets, as now people are becoming more and more health-conscious, governments are increasing taxes on cigarettes and toughen anti- smoking laws. So at present tobacco manufacturers have high expectations fo...

Ghost Town
October 2012 | Companies and Markets
The Spanish construction boom produced whole brand new settlements, but there is nobody to buy or rent property in them, not even for comparatively low prices set in the region.

The Small Bank Theory
October 2012 | Companies and Markets
Microcredit sector, which recently was considered to be the best thing that could come to rescue poor families and small-scale businesses in developing countries, is now going through difficult times. Market participants facing the growing crisis of non-payments are try...

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