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Free Trade in Colombia
| Global
In May of 2012, an agreement establishing a free trade zone between Colombia and the USA was put into action, opening the entire U.S. consumer market, with almost 300 million people, to Colombian businessmen. As a result, the newly established duty-free trading with the...

Indias Miracle Turned out to be a Mirage
July - August 2012 | Global
The concept of the BRIC block was to generate rapid economic growth in the countries in question, but the plan seems to have backfired on the authorities. By postponing urgent reforms, the countries drove themselves into a deadlock, one that is not easy or painless to g...

"Tonga Wont Feel the Crisis"
July - August 2012 | Global
Edward Luttwak, the Senior Researcher at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (the CSIS) in Washington, believes that Greece needs to leave the European Union immediately, followed by Spain, Portugal, and possibly Italy. Luttwak spoke to the WEJ about the ...

Turning to Private Capital
July - August 2012 | Global
The Chinese authorities are starting to turn to and encourage private investments in strategically important industries. Why is this new stage of liberalization for China so important, and how far is Beijing willing to go?

Brazils Solution for Europe
July - August 2012 | Global
In the June summit of the Big Twenty, held in Los Cabos this year, one of the main topics was the European crisis. Many of the summit’s participants had ideas and opinions for the correct way to handle the crisis, including countries like Brazil, who has a reputat...

Londons Spending Habits
July - August 2012 | Global
London has spent the last seven years, and 9.3 billion pounds from the pockets of British taxpayers, preparing for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Now, the city is waiting for the reward for their hard work – the games themselves, which need to stay within budget an...

Dictatorships May be Better for Business
July - August 2012 | Global
Implementing democracy in authoritarian countries is almost always expected to bring investment growth and, subsequently, economic recovery. However, recent economic research suggests that the most important factor in attracting foreign investors is not a country’...

The End of a Charismatic Era
July - August 2012 | Global
More than a dozen governments have fallen victim to the economic recession that has plagued Europe since 2008. In some countries, the official cabinet has been replaced more than once. With government officials slowly being replaced by technocrats, it would appear that ...

The Natural Selection of Local Content
| Global
The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) block idea first came from a desire to find new ways to build a multi-polar world of the future. These five actively developing countries have become local centers of economic activity, and are starting to find thei...

Bankers Forced to Keep within Their Limits
June 2012 | Global
Regulators of the largest countries in the world are trying to establish new rules for the financial sector, with one very specific goal in mind: to prevent the nightmare that the global economy experienced after the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

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